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This personal page is included, because if I had a delicate legal matter that I was considering hiring a stranger to deal with -- I would want to know some personal information about that person.

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Educational information
My practice in a nutshell
How I choose to work
Some personal information

Educational Background

I was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 1981. My undergraduate degree, in German and Sociology, is from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. I have two law degrees, the first from the University of LaVerne College of Law, LaVerne, California, (affiliated with the Brethren Church). My second law degree is from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, New York City.  Yeshiva University is a group of colleges with special emphases, affiliated with the Jewish community. Many Cardozo Law School graduates practice Constitutional and International law, and either already have an interest in the Mideast, or develop that interest because of the unique courses offered at that law school. I also completed 25 units of classes at the Law School at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, which were applied to my Cardozo Law School degree.

My practice in a Nutshell

My "general" law practice includes civil and criminal litigation (trials), small matters that can be resolved by writing a letter or making a phone call, and major litigation that may be within the legal system for many years. Clients are large and small businesses, men and women in domestic, probate, civil and criminal cases, and come from all over the world.

I prefer to address the total problems of my clients, and feel that the variety in my practice helps me deal with the variety of legal matters in most people's lives.

How I Choose to Work

There are limits to the number of different legal problems a single lawyer can adequately address. Generally, if I have already provided legal services to a client, I would be willing to consider helping that client with most other legal matters that might develop, and would certainly help a former client find another attorney, if appropriate.

If the legal problem of a longtime client became very specialized, or would require me to spend more time than I want to spend developing the legal issues involved, I would consult other attorneys who have a limited practice in that area of law or refer the client to the other lawyer.

Some Personal Information

My Mom is Pregnant!

People in Southwest Missouri know me because I answered legal questions on Wayne Glenn's KTXR (101.3 FM) Saturday morning radio program for many years, beginning in 1983. I ran for Circuit Judge in 1988 (as a democrat, in a Circuit with eight Republican Judges). Our family publishing business, Thoth Publishing Company, published two children's books: My Mom is Pregnant, (distributed through many hospital prenatal programs) and Only Soldiers Go to War, (dealing with parents going to war) published during Operation Desert Storm and used in schools as a social studies book for children in the early grades.

I have lived in Japan, Germany, and Egypt, traveled in Greece, Turkey, and Israel, studied the languages of those countries, and worked on archeological projects in Egypt.

In 1998 I was chosen to be one of the "polling supervisors" for the national elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The next year I served as a polling supervisor for the Assembly elections in Kosovo, and in November 2001, I returned, again, to Bosnia.

Only Soldiers Go to War

The really Important part of my life!

In December 2005 our children surprised my husband, Charlie and myself with a wonderful party in our Sunday School department, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. To see our family and friends, and see how they did it, go to our 50th anniversary web site, which was created by our middle child, Lucinda (Hedrick) Kennaley.

family web pages:
Husband, Charles Hedrick, Sr  
Daughter, Lucinda Kennaley
Daughter, Kay Hedrick
Son, Charles Hedrick, Jr
My Family My Family

Left: our family, Christmas 2002 (more pictures below)
Right: Charlie's sister & husband and grandson: Bobby Aleshire, Del & Gary Eaton, Charlie and Peggy, and Peggy's brother Everitt Shepherd and wife, Jan, July 2004

Meg, and Meg, Ella & Mary,above, Chaz, below

Meg, left, "Pa" with Ella, right,

Mary, below, Chaz and Pa playing chess


Katie, with Dad, Bob

Charles and Jenny, Meg, Mary & Ella


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